Galicia Canibal

When food tells a story

What is the history of Galician gastronomy? Where do fresh food come from? How are cultived the land and the sea? And who does it do? How much does it cost them? Why galician bread is so tasteful? Why there are such amount of food festivals everywhere? Who were Os Resentidos? A walk to introduce you into the basics of history, agriculture, economy in Galicia, meanwhile you could get some tips & tastes about local wines, food, cuisine to appreciate the food you eat and feeding up!

Ideal for whom: gluttonous but patient people, foodies, cooking lovers and eco-friendly consumers

Pementos de Padrón, vieiras, pulpo, Ribeiro, empanada... learn these words

Add-on: tasting wine
and food 20€

What’s the

Anti Tour?

Antitour means cutting-edge and critical thinking, an active and engaged perspective of the history, ascientific disseminating approachment and experiencing the cities as the local residents to show you the complexity of our identity, economics and culture.