For centuries galician women had to play a role runned by patriarchal policies and laws. Women were not allowed to do or make many empowering activities, they could not leave their material legacy in the history neither access to higher-level education, as many other minorized colectives, as jews, foreinges or gypsy. Thus, as historians, we research and make visible the history of women in Santiago searching their footprints in the urbanism, architecture, iconography and historical documents.

Ideal for whom: teenagers and young people, critical thinking minds, activists and feminists whatever genre they were

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painting workshops,

Tasting wine made by women...

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What’s the Anti Tour?

The Antitour is a range of walking guided tours, workshops and events which take places in different galician localities, mainly in the capital of the region, Santiago de Compostela.

Antitour means cutting-edge and critical thinking, an active and engaged perspective of the history, a scientific disseminating approachment and experiencing the cities as the local residents to show you the complexity of our identity, economics and culture.